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Our Private Investigation Firm

F.E.P.Investigations. is a private detective agency, licensed by the California Bureau of security and Investigative Services.(BSIS) Our corporate office is located in Oakland Ca, If you are looking to hire a private investigator who will utilize the latest technology to follow cheating husbands and cheating wives or collecting the evidence you need in a court of law, let your search end here. Whether our private investigators are conducting covert surveillance or GPS tracking, F.E.P. investigators and private detectives have experience with the latest technological equipment. Within our private investigation firm in California, we have over 20 years of combined law enforcement experience. Our private investigators utilize that experience to conduct covert investigations, locating missing persons, interview witnesses and various other investigations.

Why Should You Hire Us to be Your Private Investigator

At Fisher Investigations Inc., our detectives and investigators conduct thorough comprehensive investigations before surveillance is started. Our investigators conduct this investigation to ensure that all of our clients needs are met in an efficient and timely manner. Our Investigators perform these investigations in all adultery, child custody, and divorce litigation. We have access to some of the most up-to-date comprehensive databases available. If you are looking for a private investigation firm California (CA)

Domestic Investigation and Surveillance

F.E.P. Investigations specializes in investigations such as marital infidelity, divorce investigations and domestic private investigations. If you have an uncomfortable feeling that your spouse or significant other is being unfaithful to you, we can help end those suspicions. We use covert surveillance in the most effective way during our infidelity investigations. If you are certain that your significant other is cheating, Fisher Investigations can identify the person they're cheating with.

F.E.P. Investigations agrees that properly executed surveillances should never violate an individual's “reasonable expectation of privacy.” We handle each divorce investigation case with the professionalism it deserves. F.E.P.. strictly adheres to our privacy policy not to disclose any of these findings to a third party unless specifically authorized by the client, court order or law enforcement.

The surveillance on your domestic investigation does not end because the work day is over. We conduct surveillance 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our state-of-the-art vehicle tracking systems can document a person's whereabouts at all times. Such as in the case of marital infidelity, we will keep a high degree of security and professionalism with the domestic investigation. A final report of facts with video and still photography evidence are presented in a professional, confidential and discreet manner with every assignment. Let F.E.P. Investigations track your marital infidelity or divorce investigation.

We provide the following services during our divorce and domestic investigations:

Spousal Surveillance

Custody dispute reports

Reports on child neglect and abuse

Spouses' financial status and infidelity

We will help you get the information you need for court. We want proceedings to run as smoothly as possible for you. We will uncover as much information during our divorce and domestic investigations as possible, in a professional and timely manner. .

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