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Computer Investigation

Private Investigation rate: $75.00 per hour with a min of two hours

Hard Drive Recovery and Analysis - This service is for recovering and analyzing past computer activity. Our forensic team will remove the computer's hard drive, make a mirror copy of the computer's hard drive, and analyze/reconstruct the past activity that occurred on the computer. Past emails, web browsing history, web sites visited, and photographs downloaded are all recoverable. However, access to the computer is required. While it is best to permit us to take possession of the computer for a few hours, we can also come to your location and make the hard drive copy on the spot. This service is billed at $250 per hour.

Custom Monitoring Software or Spyware
- This service is for obtaining and analyzing all future computer activity on any laptop or desktop computer. It is very important that the computer is owned by you or your spouse for us to legally install monitoring software or spyware. Our forensic team can load anything from SpectorPro (a program designed to record all of your spouse's computer activity) or Eblaster (a program designed to record and transmit all your spouse's computer activity to your computer), or custom install any spyware program onto your spouse's password-protected computer. This service is billed at $100 per hour for accessible (unlocked) computers and $250 per hour for locked (password protected) computers.

Password Breaking - This service is for those seeking to gain access to their spouse's password-protected computer. Our forensic experts will uncover the password and provide this password to you. It is very important that the computer is personally-owned and DOES NOT belong to a third party (such as your spouse's employer). This service is billed at $250 per hour.

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